Risk Management

Belgrade art fair in cooperation with Galleri 69 with curator Cathrine Constanse.
A game which plays with conspiracy theories and parodies the current international economics.
Image is sketch of the actual work made at location.


Cathedral, sketch- proposal for outdoor installation

Porngirl, Lillehammer Kunstmuseum

Stunt/ Performance, Syv ambivalente fortellinger om kjønn og identitet. Lillehammer Kunst Museum

The Delirious Prophets; Awakening

The Delirious Prophets; Awakening

2. – 25. august 2012 på Sound of Mu
Vernissage torsdag 2. august.

The art group; The Delirious Prophets show their debut installation on Sound of Mu`s autumn opening. The 3 prophets take a grip on their delirious past, and present it in floor boards from the exclusive Holmenkollen area.
It takes years to investigate this matter, and this has characterized the group and their artistic motivation. The method they have developed is to never look back, just uncritically go strait ahead.
The unique pretentious art group hates plinkaplonk music. That is why they have made their own plinkaplonk deeply rooted in delirious mysteries.

The Delirious Prophets:
Morten M.L. Hansen
Ivan Johansson
Trond Arne Vangen


Prosjektrom Carl Berner
Åpning: fredag 20. januar kl. 18.00

Olsson anbefaler i Morgenbladet 20.01.2012

Innslag på NRK Morgennytt (tv): 20.01.2012 kl. 09.53 (spol frem)

Innslag på NRK Østlandssendingen: 20.01.2012 kl. 18.40

Omtale i Kultoslo.no:


Performance and installation at Galleri F15, together with Martin Skauen, Anders Smebye and Per Lundberg.

Based on the painting of  Géricault's " The Raft of Medusa".
A Raft was built, and placed a drift in the oslo fjord,  Norwegian students where invited to drink as much alcohol as they wanted on the raft.


Brun Bar, Sound of Mu

Installation, cardboard- look alike bar/wood. Original project by Trond Arne Vangen and Frode Fivel.
Created lamps and painted fake wood.